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“I met Carole Remick as a 16-year old junior in 2000 when she allowed me to be a NEHSJC program participant. My senior year, I helped revive the school newspaper at Boston Latin Academy and went onto work in journalism for the next nine years. Carole played a major role in my professional and personal development. It was one of Carole’s wishes that I stay involved with her foundation and for her love and care for others, I have tried to keep a little bit of Carole alive in my service to others.”

-- Corey Allen, Board Member of NEHSJC and former participant of the program.

"Carole and I teamed up unforgettably decades ago to reinvest in a slimmed-down national program for young journalists of color that had been housed in The Boston Globe newsroom for years. Little did either of us know what could be rekindled and grown from that limited foundation. I will not forget the inspiration, the energy, and persistence that Carole gave to this program, and to my way of believing. She was a gift in so many ways."

-- Ann Moritz, Board Member NEHSJC

"Carole Remick was a teacher, leader, coach, adviser and mentor. But more than anything Carole was remarkable human being. She had the uncanny ability to be both kind and caring while also being straight-forward and demanding so that she would get the very best from a student.

She once boasted about the strong talent of a particular group of students for the summer workshop, noting their experience in journalism, and then quickly added, We must challenge them. That was Carole in a nutshell - she was warm and loving but would never settle for lower standards.

I am honored to be able to continue her legacy with the New England High School Journalism Collaborative."

-- Leah Lamson, Managing Director of the NEHSJC

"Carole was a force of nature, a whirlwind of activity and activism on behalf of young people for most of her adult life. She cared so much about her kids, and was deeply committed to fostering diversity in the field of journalism. Her passion was infectious, and she brought out the best in all who knew her.

The first time we met and she learned I was a reporter, she burst into a wide grin and told me in no uncertain terms that I was going to be volunteering that summer as a writing coach. I didn’t even have a chance to say no! That was Carole. That summer turned into well over a decade of working together, and one of the most enriching experiences of my life."

-- Jason Johnson, Journalist and Director of Communications and Public Relations at uAspire

"Carole was instrumental in my choice of a career in journalism. Carole encouraged me at every turn and was one of the most influential teachers in my college and law school career. We were all the beneficiaries of her kindness and genuine concerns - the greatest attributes of a teacher."

-- Dan Rea, WBZ Boston. BSC ‘70