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About Carole Remick

Carole Remick spent her life educating young minds in high school and college. Her career focus was in teaching English and journalism and helping students thrive in their educational environments. She was dynamic, positive and confident in everything she did. She loved life and took advantage of all that was available to her. She ignored obstacles and pushed through them. Regardless of race, income or circumstances she believed everyone could be successful with the right support. She loved exposing students and friends to the arts, travel, writing and plain old fun! Giving to others made her thrive.

Carole was a force of excitement, energy, intelligence and determination. When she found a cause or a person with potential she found some way to help them. She knew how to use her resources and had a contagious confidence that allowed her to accomplish anything she set out to do. If Carole asked you to join her on a mission, it was difficult to say no. She had a way of getting you to agree to just about anything and it was always worth it.

Carole was a graduate of Regis College class of 1954. After graduation she became a teacher specializing in English in various high schools. She received a Masters Degree from Boston College and later became a college professor. As a college professor at University of Massachusetts Boston (Boston State) she taught English and created a journalism program to encourage minority students to learn about journalism as a career. It was from that starting point in 1987 that the NEHSJC was created and it continues to thrive.

Throughout her career she always focused on finding that one student who had the talent but didn’t have the resources or connections to make things happen. She studied each student, figured out how to bring their best to light and helped them flourish. She told them regularly how terrific they were until they themselves believed it.

She influenced and inspired countless students and many of them have gone on to prominent careers in Journalism and other exciting fields. They all credit Carole for helping to shape the people they are today.

She was terrific!



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