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"You are terrific! Simple words that change lives."

Carole Remick used these words often. When you hear these words repeatedly you start to believe it yourself.

Imagine your life changed for the better due to the support of one person or one program. Someone to believe in you, give you hope and grow your confidence so your dreams come true. You are a student with big aspirations but you can’t see the path to get there. Carole Remick showed students the path. She thought you were terrific!

About us
The Carole Remick Charitable Foundation is a non-profit foundation 501 (C)(3) that provides funding for educational opportunities that enrich the intellectual curiosity, increase confidence and connect students with limited resources in New England to life experiences and opportunities for future growth.

The mission
The mission of the foundation is to support and fund non profit 501(C)(3) organizations that provide educational opportunities for students in areas of journalism, literacy, science, arts and religion.

About the Foundation:

The Carole Remick Charitable foundation was born out of a request from Carole to set up a foundation in her name that will continue her life’s work long after she left this earth. Carole passed away on October 18, 2011 and the foundation was established soon after.

The main program that is funded by the foundation is the New England High School Journalism Collaborative (NEHSJC). This program was started by Carole in 1987 and is still going strong today thanks to the efforts of past students participants and colleagues.

Carole was an alumna of Regis College in Weston, MA class of 1954. Regis had a special place in her heart and has been a great supporter of her NEHSJC program which is housed at Regis College every year. The foundation endowed a Chair in Carole's name to start a Communication department with a focus on Journalism. We continue to partner with Regis College.

In the next phase of the foundation we are expanding our funding to include other educational organizations.


To read more about NEHSJC, Regis College and other programs we support

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